The Heroes of Overlook

A Brief Recap

We started by finishing up the fight against Fangren, the gnoll, in the temple. Fangren was trying to open a portal and transform himself into an exarch of Yeenoghu. The group was led there by voice from a sword (the sword you brought back when you fought Sinruth the hobgoblin). After defeating the gnolls and closing the portal Rasmussen performed a ritual that freed Amyria from the sword. She was not helpful. The ritual wiped her brain clean and all she knew was that she needed to get to Overlook. So the Strangeways 4 escorted her back.

When they arrived at Overlook the city was alive with activity. The defenses were being beefed up, although people would not say that there was an immediate threat, just that they wanted to be prepared for the worst.

The dwarf in charge, Captain Aerun, spoke with the party a bit, welcoming them back. As the group walked through the city word went ahead of them. Soon the streets were lined with people hoping to catch a glimpse of the heroes. Kalad, the dwarf paladin who helped the party find their way through the catacombs to defeat Tusk during the siege of Bordrin’s Watch, greeted them in his city watch uniform and led them to the High Hall were they had been summoned.

All the high elders of Overlook were there and Kalad led the party up onto the dais.

The head of the High Council, Morgoff Stonefirst, quieted the packed chamber and gave a speech.

The first we heard of the Strangeways Four was a letter of mention from Eoffram Troyas, councilman of Fallcrest. These heroes not only rescued the kidnapped townsfolk and returned the town’s cherished relics, they defeated the hobgoblin host led by Sinruth. Troyas was so impressed he sent letters not only to Overlook but all the villages and towns of the Vale.

When next we heard of these brave men it was not in some far off town, but here in our own home of Overlook. The Council sent out word for aid. The orog war chief Tusk had amassed a mighty orc horde the likes we in Overlook had not seen in generations. These heroes before you fought in field and tunnel, temple and mine. Where others failed, the Strangeways Four prevailed, sealing the tunnels that would have admitted our foes and slaying the mighty Tusk as well.

Perhaps it should have been then that we chose to honor them. But in the aftermath of the seige at Bordrin’s Watch we had much on our minds. And so it was that these men continued to watch over their new home of Overlook without the thanks that was their due.

They chanced upon a conspiracy stretching all the way to the Shadowfell. With unlawful bounties on their heads they took the fight to the realm of shadow defeating the dark creeper Modra who had sold arms and armor to Tusk’s orc army.

Our heroes then left Overlook for a time so that they might discover the long lost Karak’s Lode. They found it defiled by chaos, a vile Naga and her minions calling it home. The Strangeways Four cleared the ancient mine of the foul taint of monster and beast before sealing it forever.

They returned to Overlook and again, their deeds passed without the proper thanks that was their due. But they would not linger long here. A relic from their past in Fallcrest called upon them to stop yet another threat to the Vale. This time it was a war pack of gnolls led by their chief, Fangren. Traveling far they found a long lost githzarai monastery that Fangren was using to become an exarch of Yeenoghu. The Strangeways Four defeated Fangren and sealed the portal from which he was drawing his power.

And so they returned to us again. But this time, this time, citizens of Overlook, we shall not forget our duty. This time we shall give them their due. This time we bestow upon them our thanks and our respect. This time we name them “The Heroes of Overlook!”

The people rejoiced and there was much celebration.

A meek fellow approached Rasmussen and told him that there was a priestess of Erathis named Lavinya who wanted desperately to speak with them. Being true heroes they agreed to see her the next morning.

Lavynia’s temple is in the Divine Knot, a run down section of the city home to many delapidated shrines. The Temple of Erathis is the worst off of the Knot. Lavynia welcomed the party with cheap, watered wine. She said her friend, Haelyn, was missing. Haelyn was the priestess of the much nicer temple of Erathis ini the Tradetown district. The two were dear friends and Haelyn left without a word. Lavynia said that there was a man named Grovald at the temple and he said he was there while Lavynia was away on a spiritual retreat. Lavynia just cannot believe that.

She said she went asking many of the other priests in the city, from Moradin to the Raven Queen, and found them all to be cold and distant where before they had been friendly.

The party agreed to help. On their way to Haelyn’s temple they stopped by the temple of Moradin in the Divine Knot. The main temple to Moradin, The Stone Anvil, lies in the heart of the city and is the second tallest structure in Overlook. Moradin’s temple in the Knot is much smaller and very run down but there were scores of workman climbing scaffolding and working inside and out. They party made their way inside and notice Megan Swiftbalde of the Freeriders leaning against a far wall. (Megan was a member of another adventuring party that came to Overlook to repel the orc invasion.) She said she was just hired muscle, there to keep undesirables out.

While they were talking a dwarf laborer approached and started yelling at the party. He said the city might be fooled but he wasn’t. His name was Ternik Ironfell, clansman of Bram Ironfell who had sent the party to Karak’s Lode. Ternik flat out called Kang a liar and just as things were heating up Ancestor Karros, the priest of the temple, arrived and escorted the party from the building. He was sorry to do it, and intimated that he didn’t really understand why High Ancestor Durkik Forgeheart of the Stone Anvil was putting so much effort into renovating the run down temple.

The party then went to the temple of Erathis in Tradetown. The temple turned out to be a largish tent, backed by a large statue of Erathis (an old, broken fountain). Two rundown cottages offered living quarters for Haelyn and office space as well.

The party spoke with Grovald, but he had nothing to say, other than to ask them to leave when the party asked too many questions. When they wouldn’t leave he left and brought back a troop of city watch. The city watch were visibly pained to have to confront the Heroes of Overlook but they did their job and the party left.

All but Rasmussen, who found a patch of freshly dug earth behind the fountain. He then climbed through the cottage window and found food rotting in the pantry, a closet full of clothes, and the following note in the fireplace:

. . . unreachable for a time, as I must . . . the priests’
orders as you would my own, for he . . . s always, be
certain you destroy this mis . . .
. . . eneral Zi . . .

Then it was on to the Stove Anvil in the High Hall district. The Stove Anvil is magnificent. Stone the size of house fit seamlessly together. The doors stand forty feet tall. But when they entered they found the floors dirty, the candleabra’s dusty. Kang went deeper into the cathedral and found himself face to face with High Ancestor Durkik Forgeheart. Kang pointed out the slipshod manner of keeping house and Durkik lost it, telling Kang that, yes, the temple was a little messier than usual but that he had sent many of his staff to work on the other temple so that many and more might come to worship Moradin. When Kang asked a few more questions, Durkik threatened to get the city watch to drag him out.

After they left they were ambushed by a dozen Lost Ones in an alley. Many of the cravens were felled but they caught one for questioning. He claimed that someone was hiring a lot of Lost Ones recently. He even said he was hired by someone in the city watch. He didn’t know his name but he would meet him at the Pig and Bucket, a tavern known for the criminals that frequented it. Rasmussen, backed up by a stellar Intimidate roll from Karsa, convinced the Lost One to set up a meeting for the next night with this corrupt member of the city watch.


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